Happy New Year to YOU! ???

Today offers a bright fresh opportunity to grow beyond your current circumstance and into your most divine life… as does each day!

Will you choose to gift yourself the assistance of someone who gets you, understands and feels deeply what your mind/body/spirit & soul are attempting to tell you and that can help guide you through empowering knowledge and techniques? Yes, my goal is to literally work myself out of a job… with each & every client!

You see, we all possess everything we need to grow forward every day, some of us just need support and advice on getting started and moving forward; Someone who can help make sense of the apparent nonsensical… and since a vast majority of my lifetime was so insane, riddled in manic depressions, chronic pain & illness, shame, blame, regret, fear, a complete mental breakdown, yada, yada, yada… well, you get it, right?

… today, I not only get, but love & embrace the nonsensical and the irony & sense of humor of this lifetime and the universal guidance! It is my gift, and quite frankly my passion, to empower YOU to enjoying this same Ease & Joy which is now my daily experience.

? The word MAGICAL is often uttered by those closest to me who get to experience the fruition of my practice & lifestyle first hand! ?

My teachings are based around my conscious journey, extensive knowledge seeking and love of research, exploring what has & has not worked for myself, as well via a strong intuitive connection to source. As a practiced and trusted Empath, this allows me to be a conduit of personalized, individual healing & empowerment for YOU! All the while expanding your consciousness, releasing the stories and beliefs that no longer serve you or are creating a fear stronger than you THINK you are!

So, if today YOU are ready to step into your own personal power, desiring to grow and develop a life free from judgements, of insecurities, of fear… a lifestyle based solely on your own intuition and connection with your highest self, if TODAY is your day… message me to discuss how we may come together to help you bridge the gap of where you are to where you are MEANT to be!

Or better still… book your FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULT or Reiki SESSION, available to anyone, anywhere via teleconference or in-person locally! I offer everything from 30-minute to 2-hour individual sessions through long-term personal coaching and mentoring… where ever you are in your journey… I will meet you there!

And better yet… (do you see… it’s all about better… not always best… just better ?) if you know you are ready to own your light, to embrace your personal power and shine it bright in our world then take advantage of these discounted prepaid package offers for services from modalities such as Reiki, Aromatherapy & BARS, to exploring natural health & spiritual tools, to therapeutic sessions based on the study of Ontology… the science of Being, and so much more!

It’s like going to your favorite friends house and your doctor’s office at the same time!

As an Intuitive Empath, once the intention is set to work together, I begin to receive guidance from source on how to best serve YOU! It’s pretty wild, but oh so much fun!!! So… whether you are ready to dive right in, or dip your toes… I am here for YOU and am excited to support you in your OWN personal growth journey!

If you have any questions please, shoot me a DM or email me… because Anyone in Pain deserves Healing and because the world needs YOU to shine your bright beautiful light, in all the unique beauty that is YOU!

To learn more about what I offer I invite you to explore and book here

Namaste my friend ???

To Those who are able & choose to help me in sharing love in our world by liking & sharing this post will receive 20% OFF one 90-minute session of their choice (yes, each and every YOU) and one will be selected to receive a FREE 90-minute session!

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