We are currently experiencing a great deal of emotions, including confusion, fear, anxiety, depression, & judgement and yet this is the place we must start… our thoughts and emotions!

A quote that really changed the trajectory and amplified my healing journey…

“If we knew how POWERFUL our thoughts were, we would NEVER have another negative thought”…

The reality of these words is exponential in our health & well-being! One of the first lines of defense we have in getting through these trying times is recognition and nurturing of our thoughts. It costs nothing extra, we can practice it from the comfort (& quarantine ?) of our own home, and we can start anytime… like NOW for instance! … AND… WE CAN GATHER AND DO IT TOGETHER…ONLINE!

I, as a practitioner and supporter of Health and Wellness, am focusing on holding space for all who are feeling a bit overwhelmed, confused, scared… you are being called to awaken… to explore the world outside of your inherited beliefs and habitual ways… to embrace the depth and power around these emotions as a gateway to opening our hearts and minds to increased conscious awareness, to personal accountability as well as to our role in a society striving to unite against the greater powers efforts to divide, through judgement and mistrust.

If you are in need of support, from health and wellness practices, support or guidance, know the lines of communication and support will never be isolated or go down… we will always be here for one another in intention and love.

As an additional support to our conscious growth during this time I felt it appropriated to offer this overview of what a session may look like, local and afar. Taking away fear and trepidation of the unknown and allowing for expansive comfort and support… from where ever we may be!

What to expect with your Client Treatment Session

Understanding and empowering ourselves is our best defense as well as a most effective preventative medicine we can offer ourselves…

Reduce stress
decrease anxiety levels
increase immunity
ease depressive symptoms
ease chronic pain and inflammation

all things that can be achieved through mindfulness and empowerment!

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