It took me forever to join anything online, especially in my extreme health crisis days… I wanted to be there and learn but I didn’t want to be truly present... often I hadn’t showered in days, I would be joining while laying in bed, I would be in my real life… a place of pure anxiety and depression, I had become very isolated and lived in fear of being seen in the outside world…

Would everyone be able to see ME? (How could I stay hidden yet be seen? I find myself still working through this one) ?

Did I have to talk? (This one was big as I woke because it took nothing to get my tears flowing… this is actually a good thing) ?

What if I didn’t “fit-in” with group? They’re sure to know far more than me… I don’t want to look or sound “wrong”

For so many reasons… I kept hiding!

Then one day I just did it… spur of the moment, no time to think it through and run… yes, I was a runner… flight was my go-to response to anything uncomfortable. Well… I did it!

I was able to turn off the camera! SCORE… then, omg, I could turn off my Mic too… “oh dang, why had I waited so long” began reeling through my mind… and oh lordy… I could even just leave if the content did not resonate… WHOA! I was in CONTROL… ?

Now… I love joining others in community, as a collective, sharing, learning, empowering and growing… together as ONE, uniquely and individually. ??

This is the platform I utilize for all my coaching, consulting and even care & healing sessions! Super user friendly…

Many schools, business and jobs are utilizing Zoom now for tele-support! Happy to help you out if you still have questions but this tutorial will be extremely helpful to many!


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