Scorpio Full Moon Inspiration

2020 is a year of great transition and growth.. We are in the depths of these energies NOW!

In these last few months and those to come, Transformational energies have been swirling in, what are we being called to reflect upon? Where are we being guided during such a tumultuous time in history on a personal level? Are we experiencing emotions surrounding our children and families… Damn, don’t you know we are!? And, what about in employment or in our own businesses? We remain in uncertain times and many are feeling helpless, lost, devastated and worse, many are losing hope.

Gratefully, in awareness we have the ability to choose which energy we feed. By default, and certainly no accident, our subconsious has been programmed and we tend to respond to FEAR in one of 4 ways:

We find that we either dig-in and FIGHT,
Or maybe we attempt to FLEE,
Some may FREEZE is a response
or finally, there are those that FAWN…

This is the Mind’s protection mechanism. In learning our own response type, we can choose to explore them for growth and renewed HOPE… or we can continue to allow them as our excused reason to the turmoil and drama we continue to embrace. The choice becomes ours…

A less known response has emerged in recent years and is experienced by many. Fawn may be referred to as the

Gaining understanding of our flow with nature, of the natural energetic flow of our universe, of the astrological & lunar powers as well as the energetic connectivity of ourselves and others we surround ourselves with and in choosing to explore these energies on a personal level, we become empowered to recognize them at a much higher, and deeper level than we ever imagined.

In the early stages of my spiritual exploration, upon embracing my empathic gifts I would hear so many that I looked to for guidance cry about Mercury Retrograde, about Full and New Moon energies, about astrological alignments and literally blame these phenomena for the upheaval, disarray, and emotional turmoil they were experiencing. I took believed that I had no control over these energies, therefore I must just brace myself and ride the roller-coaster in hopes of not plummeting to my death…

What an atrocious way to live, right? Becoming aware of energies outside of ourselves, yet in control of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual realities and having no control over their effect upon our well-being?! I was devastated once this perceived reality hit me… and rocked me to the core. I felt powerless against the biggest forces possible. This after I had finally won my power of SELF back…

I had already begun following a few select astrologists that I’d come to respect and resonate with; their guidance always aligned with the synchronization of where I was upon the reception of their messages. And, not so slowly, I began to realize that in the awareness of the energies I intertwined with on an every-moment basis, I had to the ability to prepare myself and eventually, to utilize theses flows to experience more fully their guidance.

Signs of the zodiac

Exploring Consciously

Have you read your horoscope lately? Like so many of us, the Sunday paper and it’s glorious comics and horoscopes were merely a fun, amusing and silly pleasure we anticipated… we were amused by the playful predictions and that was that. Then of course, there was the dark side of horoscopes. The ones that would prey on our fears and tell us awful things were coming. The amusing part for me was I would pay no heed to the fun ones but placed much weight in the fear mongering guidance. Eventually, I simply allowed them to drift out of my awareness, never to give them another thought.

Upon my own spiritual journey, I have been called to explore them once again, yet this time from a very different realm and perspective. I began to explore the signs themselves, focusing on my own, my children’s and husband’s and “testing” them to see how well each person fell into their so called innate being based on their birth date…

You know what?! I was frickin’ blown out of the water!!! I had done many personality tests, determined my Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), had explored my measure of empathy with The Empathy Quotient developed by Simon Baron-Cohen at ARC (the Autism Research Centre) at the University of Cambridge, the Personality Colors Quiz created by Jason Adamo, The Jung Personality Test, and many others. Upon reading my Astrological Signs in-depth description, from multiple resonant sources’ I could no longer deny the reality of this belief that my birth time really did offer insight into my deepest SELF.

I discovered and today, it remains my go to resource for sign meaning and characteristics! Myself, my family, friends and clients are constantly blown away at how spot on their zodiac characteristics align with their own traits.

We can then take this much deeper by “having our chart done”… another of what use to be a hilarious notion to me that I now regard as gospel. Knowing our moon, sun and rising signs can offer even greater insight into our personal self and our interaction with the cycles of our universe. How can this be you ask? Enter METAPHYSICS…


You may be asking yourself… what is Metaphysics?

Per the University of Sedona:

  • Metaphysics acknowledges and respects the beauty in ALL of God’s Creation.
  • Metaphysics is religion without dogma.
  • Metaphysics does not explore religious beliefs and laws created by man, but rather, it explores the immutable laws of nature, set by The Creator, God/Universal Presence, in the creation of the Universe.
  • Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies the ultimate nature of existence, reality, and experience without being bound to any one theological doctrine or dogma.
  • Metaphysics includes all religions but transcends them all.
  • Metaphysics is the study of ultimate cause in the Universe.
  • Metaphysics is the only science capable of inquiring beyond physical and human science.

Sounds lovely doesn’t it?!

Stay Tuned… more to come! We’re just getting started! And please, drop your stories, inspirations and questions in the comments! I’d love to hear your experiences surrounding your personal growth and receive your transformational in-sights!

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