6-Week Fresh Start Intensive

6-Week Fresh Start Intensive
Date 2020-06-01-2020-07-15

Who’s ready to shed all that’s no longer serving them?! ?‍♂️?‍♀️

We are going to Eliminate the waste, Increase our Well-being which will assist in heightening and honing our intuition and connection to SELF!

Well… here’s your chance! We will meet on a private call once per week for support and inspiration, sharing our experiencing, feeling our way our BEST life!

This 6-week program is perfect for ANYONE and will provide not only a physical detoxification but a balanced approach to Mind, body, spirit and soul renewal and alignment through empowering teaching and support at a group level.

This reset is a 6-week intensive including:

*Effective and Simple Elimination diet to follow
… kills Candida Albicans
… eliminates cravings
… explores your body’s personal relationship to foods such as Wheat, Corn, Sugar, Soy & Dairy
… clear 5-15 lbs of toxic debris stored and causing sluggishness of our organs
… what are high vibrational foods?
… offers increased Energy, Focus and Joy!

*Exploring the mind/body connection and why it’s important to nurture not only our physical self but our whole self as one

*Discuss Spirituality as a complementary therapy to a balanced lifestyle and for stress reduction

*Play with modalities & tools that support the individual as a whole (crystals, essential oils, chimes, etc)

*I will be doing FREE Reiki & BARS clearings throughout our sessions (releasing and aligning and deleting programming that is no longer serving you).

*Adventure beyond “normal” to embrace the uniqueness that provides us our light and your role in this collective community

*Create and foster practices that allow you to form a strong and trusting relationship to your intuition, highest self & Highest power to live a truly guided life knowing all is in your highest good!

And so much more… we will never limit ourselves, just see where the guidance takes us!

Get all this individualized & personal support for $11/week when you choose to dive in and explore your BEST life, NOW…Register Before May 28th at $77 for the entire 6-week program, saving $20 off registration after 5/28… nothing’s stopping you… but you!

???This intensive will be held ONLINE!??? Once registered you will receive an email with more information on how to connect for our weekly support sessions!

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