I’m a Wellness Coach. I’m an entrepreneur, life success coach, caregiver, and an End-of-Life Doula. Most blessed of all… I’m a mom of truly enlightened children who teach me everyday.

It was through holistic health practices that I got my health & my life back. After decades of extreme depression, suicidal ideology and despair… years of wondering “what is wrong with me”. Upon years of physical health issues that literally stopped me in my tracks, I had a choice… I could continue feeling absolutely powerless… or, I could choose to discover avenues that instilled in me that greatest gift of all… empowerment.

Leaving vicitimhood behind, no more excuses, time was running out.

Today, after more than a decade of continual growth and expansion, It is an honor to help others unlock themselves, stepping into the best life they are uniquely meant to live.

Regardless of where we are one day… knowing we have the power to shift at any moment, we gain power, trust and tools that provide for a better tomorrow… each and every day. Growing, Flowing and Growing again… stepping stones to your ultimate gift… you, your intuition, your freedom.

Your life is meant to be enjoyed, to be ever-evolving, to nurture you deep within… allowing an anthology of YOU… one you are proud to reflect upon and play passages from often.