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The Conscious Closet

It is my belief that empowerment is most essential in one's ability to grow and flow through this lifetime, conscious and aware of not only SELF, but the world within which we live. At The Conscious Closet we offer & explore opportunities to look outside the limited lenses, the inherent and indoctrinated teaching and beliefs in which most of us have been exposed. We offer an expansion in community, in conversation, in connecting through discussion and experience... sharing many perspectives through varying lenses.

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Reiki Distance energy healing

Gaining in-sight into your most authentic self…

What an atrocious way to live, right? Becoming aware of energies outside of ourselves, yet in control of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual realities and having no control over their effect upon our well-being?! I was devastated once this perceived reality hit me… and rocked me to the core. I felt powerless against the biggest forces possible. This after I had finally won my power of SELF back…

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Meaghan McMahon

I've yet to meet anyone quite like Janel...she is truly the one stop shop with enough love and positivity to fuel the world! She's an expert on everything from essential oils to crystals, energy work to life coaching. She is so real and vulnerable and truly practices what she preaches. She exceeds my expectations every time we talk and I am constantly learning from her -- whether it's new homeopathic remedies or insightful quotes. I highly recommend her to anyone needing any kind of treatment -- it's impossible not to be changed and enlightened after working with Janel!

S. Seward

"I know you as a devoted mom of some wonderful kids, and a crusader for health and positive change. You have a kind heart, and you have worked hard to find the best path for your kids who have different needs from each other, while at the same time working to improve your own health and find a way to keep the bills paid! You seem to be doing an awesome job!"

SHiNE Collective Provider

SHiNE Collective Provider