This Intensive will be extra special as we welcome in a fresh year together… getting a refresh and kicking off what just may be the best year of your life. In 6-weeks I will share with you my wins, my not so great highlights reel, and what I learned from becoming my own test specimen over the last 20 years. You will walk into this year, and each subsequent year knowing what is best for you as an individual; looking at everything through an entirely fresh perspective… YOURS…

And for those who are parents, counselors, caregivers… anyone supporting another in an environment of love, respect and compassion… we get an entirely new vantage point and sets of tools to meet each of our loves right where they are, building their confidence, hope and understanding of self through our own exploration and work.

In a holistic approach to life, you will learn that you hold the power to your healing, your growth and your everyday well-being. Holistic recognizes the synchronistic tuning in all aspects and areas of life and that when one area of life is imbalanced or in a state of flux, it cannot help but trickle into all areas. From nutrition and lifestyle, to family and career, physical health and mental health, spiritual connectedness and earthly reality… we explore it all, in-depth in this 6 Week Fresh Start!

I’ve come to understand that every being is, and is meant, to be incredibly unique. However, in modern society as much as we hear about honoring the unique, the expression and health of each individual, it is all packaged up neatly to meet the masses. How can that be? How can it be that what is good, perhaps even beneficial for one, could potentially be harmful or deadly to another?

All the way down to each individual cell in our body… You are unique and you have a unique set of needs, a unique philosophy, a unique view… and vantage point that only YOU have! I choose to honor this aspect of our human experience and invite others to explore just how you can break free from all the external influences and teaching to gain your greatest understanding of yourself and to once and for all… live based on your “Spidey-Senses”… implicitly!

These weeks together will teach you everything necessary to begin unfolding into a choice to truly discover you… the you buried deep within. From cleansing our physical body and creating a healthy environment to exploring meditation and other forms of mindful connectedness to ultimately, letting go of a past, a series of stories and stepping free to trust yourself, and truly believe in your guidance and knowing.

We begin week one exploring our relationship with the modern world and diet and how what you may not know about today’s food, hormones, gut health and our own DNA say about our ability to once and for all win the apparent never ending struggles.